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my favorite things


This sweet man makes everyday perfect!


loud music and lots of dancing with my littles!

If it has chocolate I want it!



Sleeping in until 11am and a huge plate of sushi!

A perfect day in my life would include...

I do have a warning for those sessions, if I see a snake, or a bear, I am out. I am done. Session is over. We'll have a make up day. Luckily I have not had that happen, yet. I love those moments that create a funny story, I have so many of those with my clients and it makes us laugh whenever we look back on it. I just recently had a groom fall completely into a stream during a session! Luckily he had a second outfit, and we had a good laugh for a few weeks.

Hey Hey! I am Kati, Ann is my middle name, but you can call me whatever you would like. I am obsessed with the boys in my life, my 3 littles and my 1 big guy, the husband. Sometimes they tag along on sessions if we are going to a cool place or the mountains. Speaking of mountains, I am very much an indoorsy kind of girl. Air conditioning, comfy seating, plumbing, I am big fan of it all. So if I venture into the woods for a session with you, feel loved.

i love all things


I love normal things, random things, pretty things, and weird things. I love all things classy.